In collaboration with other designers for the book 'Out Of Place', these are the  spreads that I created based on my interpretation of the theme. For each spread I wanted to utilise a different theme and to explore various tools allowing me to express my ideas. 
This first spread was focused on the use of typography and the contrast between hand written and type text. I utilised spacing, leading and small illustrations to emphasise important words whilst incorporating the use of line to highlight the positive space. 
This second spread explores the theatrical side to design and photography. I wanted to showcase m y hand-made earrings in a way that i'd never seen before, this was the outcome after a few photoshoots in the natural light. 
For this final spread I was playing with shape and angles. This was a last minute decision to incorporate this design, however i feel that it finishes off the series nicely with a explanatory text about feeling 'out of place'. 
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